SexJapanTV sjt 26348-2-def-1 TRICKY LITTLE FINGERS

SexJapanTV sjt_26348-2-def-1 TRICKY LITTLE FINGERS
sjt 26348 2 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 26348-2-def-1 TRICKY LITTLE FINGERS

A bored and beautiful Asian miss glances at her mobile phone, then lies down on her bed and starts massaging the full round boobies under her t-shirt. When she hikes it up we can see the lacy beige bra that barely holds those sexy titties. She pops her boobs out, rubs her talented fingers across the nips. Then she peels down her jeans and rosy pink panties to free her furry little pussy.
One hand darts to the juicy slit and presses in, the other keeps stimulating her erect nipples. With halting breaths she lets the hot sensation wash over her entire body. Her hips quake and rock forward when she reaches a climax. She lies back to catch her breath. Our pretty Japanese girl pulls up the bra and straightens her shirt and jeans, grateful for the masturbation break, then picks up a magazine and listlessly flips through its pages.

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